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Horge & Associates, LLC

Is an independent Sales & Business Development Agency in the Southeastern Region of the United States, representing companies in both the footwear and apparel business. The agency was founded over three years ago by Phillip Horge and is presently representing and having incredible success with Old Gringo and Gameday Boots.

Phillip has over twenty-five years of Sales & Business Development experience working with and representing national companies in both Canada and the United States. During that time, he developed, implemented and managed US Export programs and operations for several major Canadian footwear and clothing companies, far exceeding their sales objectives. He has also developed and delivered a Sales Training and Development program for a previous employer that included an interactive web-based Vendor Sales Training Program.

How we work

As a successful commission driven, Sales & Business Development agency, we utilize all of the traditional methods of generating sales and business opportunities for the companies we represent. We participate in National and Regional Trade Shows and we combine this with traditional but aggressive “road travel” and other unique and opportunistic promotional events.

We are in a new age of communication as many people rely on the internet for information & products online. Social media has become one of the major resources for sales & business generation and management. Horge & Associates, LLC is there on the cutting edge utilizing social media for marketing to our customer base, prospective retail partners and consumers.

On our Facebook page we get people excited about our products as well as events and activities, both ours and our retailer partners. You never know when you might find a special offer or a surprise gift. The NEWS section of this website is our blog. Learn what is coming up and see the photos from the last crazy, promotional event. Follow us on Twitter and look at our YouTube favorites, you just might find one of us there in our latest video.

We use technology and social media to keep everyone up to date. We hope you will follow us on all of our channels. Just sign up for our E-Newsletter, follow us on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook. You won’t miss a thing!!!

We Offer More

In addition to being an independent Sales Agency, Horge & Associates, LLC can also an experienced consulting firm that has the knowledge to provide a full range of services to assist domestic start-up companies to foreign companies that would like to start-up a United States operation. When dealing with this type of project, it begins with an overall development of a strategic business plan, to its implementation to either short term or log term management.

Here we establish the company’s overall realistic business objectives. We take into consideration logistics, operations, and all financial concerns. We can assist with product line development, marketing & social media initiatives, sales team building, training and management.

Our company’s philosophy is that we will only represent and consult for companies that we truly believe in, and that have potential for great success……
No company is too small or too young to represent and no consulting project is too small or too large!

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