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  • The Experience

    The Experience: Phillip has more than 25 years of sales and business development experience, working with and representing national companies in Canada and the United States.

  • The Process

    As a successful, commission-driven sales and business development agency, he uses both traditional and cutting edge methods to generate sales and business opportunities for the companies he represents.


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  • The Brands We Serve

    Phillip launches every new partnership by developing a strategic business plan before rolling out your choice of a short-or long-term management relationship.

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    Come meet our team at one of our upcoming events.

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Phillip Horge is an independent sales and business development representative working in the Southern and Mid Atlantic regions of the United States to successfully represent footwear and apparel companies. Although he became an independent agent only five years ago, Phillip currently represents the highly sought after lines Old Gringo and GameDay Boots amongst others, and has helped both experience phenomenal growth in brand awareness and market share.


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