About Phillip Horge
Phillip Horge knew from the very young age of twelve years old that he wanted to be in sales profession. He learned very early in life that a positive attitude, the ability to communicate, honesty and doing more than what is expected, will promote success and the ability to reap rewards beyond a person’s wildest dreams!
Early on in his career while living in Canada, he had “carved a niche” in business development and had successfully developed, implemented and managed entire United States export operations for several major Canadian companies.
Phillip has reached many milestones and held successful sales positions in field sales, enterprise and national account sales, sales management and enablement. Throughout Phillip’s extensive and successful 25+ year sales career, he has felt a tremendous and compelling need to give back to his profession. Because of that desire, he transitioned for several years into the role of Sales Training and Personal Development.
Phillip Horge is a motivated, inspirational and consummate professional who brings thought leadership and best practice to his real estate business and the clients he serves. His work ethic, transparency and honesty are his well-earned “brand” and standards he lives by both in his professional and personal life.